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PACT Membership vs. Individual Building Boiler Installation
One stand alone steam plant with back-up boiler operation, professionally maintained to provide reliable, safe and efficient steam heat to the distribution system.
Financial strength and equity of PACT has provided for in excess of $40,000,000 of historical capital invested in the boiler facility and distribution system to provide the highest level of reliability.
PACT licensed operators are on staff 24/7 within the plant and accessible to the entire distribution system as required.

PACT’s boiler vent stack located within the plant is single use and in compliance with all government and environmental regulations.
Because PACT purchases such large gas quantities and due to its own transportation line and favorable rate structure, PACT is uniquely positioned to purchase gas long term under contract..
PACT maintains deep wells as its primary source of water requirements, along with sewage and electric power are all provided by PACT rate base.
All water treatment chemicals required to comply with boiler operating requirements are handled by PACT.
PACT meets or exceeds all operating/liability insurance requirements for replacement cost of its facility and distribution system.
PACT employees, operational management teams and executive staff provide for an extremely efficient, dedicated and reliable steam heating system.
The PACT steam heating plant and distribution system has consistently provided uninterrupted steam heat to it’s members for over 25 years.
Boiler installation occupying valuable building square footage requiring continuous maintenance and service without back-up.
Large capital investment required to fund installation of boiler, annual maintenance will be required to avoid long term degradation of the system.

Utilization of internal staffing or hiring of new personnel, additional taxes, benefits, payroll and associated costs required to maintain boiler, possible licensure requirement.
Building must have a dedicated boiler vent stack, installed or adapted to fit the outside of the structure. Must pass emission and environmental regulations.
Fuel cost will vary depending on commodity rates, transportation, basis, and fuel shrinkage with ongoing evaluation required by building owners to develop an aggregate fuel cost pricing/quantity strategy.
Requires contract at current rates for city water, sewage and electrical associated costs, effected by usage.

Requires constant monitoring, adjustment and purchase of the required chemical inventory for the boilers system.
Must purchase the applicable insurance for replacement cost and/or liability coverage of having a boiler located in the building.
Must dedicate executive time/cost for decisions effecting operations.

A boiler failure in the midst of winter at an inopportune time could have devastating effects on the building structure and tenant well being.
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