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2017: PACT’s Corporate Office is Moving

Please change your contact information. PACT is merging their two offices into one central location, located at the Plant. Starting on July 1st, please send all correspondences, invoices and payments to the plant address.

New Address: 120 Cecil Way Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Our Telephone Numbers remain the same!
2017: PACT Leadership

Bob Fazio, PACT President, has announced his retirement effective January 2, 2017. Bob’s expertise and deep knowledge of the system will surely be missed. In preparation for Bob’s retirement, the PACT Board contracted with NRG Energy Advisory Services (“NRG”) to develop a transitional leadership structure to ensure business continuity upon Bob’s retirement. PACT plans to recognize Bob at the December 13 holiday party and hope that you will join us for the event.

Until further notice, executive management and overall PACT operational direction will be provided by the PACT Board of Directors. PACT system operations, including steam plant, distribution, maintenance, and metering will be managed by Jerome (Jerry) Griger. Administrative, financial and customer service functions will be managed by Francine O’Brien. Strategic oversight and business integration support will be provided by Cliff Blashford, Vice President and General Manager of NRG Energy Center Pittsburgh LLC.
2015: PACT signs Agreement with NRG Energy Advisory Services

I am pleased to announce that Pittsburgh Allegheny County Thermal (PACT) has recently signed a three year agreement with NRG Gen Advisory Services LLC (NRG) to provide consulting and management services. One of the initial goals of this relationship is to develop and implement a long term Master Plan for the PACT steam system. The mission of the Master Plan is to retain and add customers, evaluate new energy projects, improve efficiency, reduce emissions and ultimately reduce steam rates.

NRG is eminently qualified to assist PACT in this effort in that NRG has 10 successful district energy systems across the United States including steam, hot water, chilled water, co-generation, solar and wind power systems. Locally, NRG owns and operates a steam and chilled water system on the North Shore of Pittsburgh that serves among other customers Allegheny General Hospital, PNC Park and the Allegheny Center. NRG is experienced in plant operations, steam distribution piping analysis, co-generation development, alternative and sustainable energy development, capital financing and community relations. All of these skills will be applied to assist PACT in the development of the Master Plan.

The PACT Board and Management recognize that this is your system and is prepared to assure the system remains reliable, environmentally efficient and affordable now and well into the future. This project is in keeping with County Executive Fitzgerald and Mayor Peduto’s vision to improve energy efficiency throughout the City and region. PACT and NRG are prepared to evaluate potential new opportunities for new and current steam customers to better position PACT to implement those initiatives that are financially feasible.
2015: PACT Master Plan

The Master Plan project will begin in earnest in September 2015. Customers will be contacted by NRG to solicit feedback on PACT’s steam service including your input on changes or opportunities you recommend PACT consider in the Master Plan.

Douglas J. Straley
Chairman of the Board, PACT
Robert L. Fazio
President, PACT
Del B. Dausman
Vice President, NRG
2014: PACT awarded a Grant to install a IP Security Surveillance System

(article upcoming)
2014: Federal Reserve Bank to become the Southwest Drury Hotel

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