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Boiler Operator
PACT, Ltd. is a district steam heating company consisting of a steam boiler plant and distribution system serving downtown Pittsburgh. PACT is currently looking to fill an available boiler operator position with a qualified candidate. Preferred candidates are those with a background in industrial electricity. PACT is a union shop represented by the Steamfitters Local 449. Position Summary

General Maintenance Mechanics personnel are responsible for inspection, repair, and manipulation of equipment in the plant and distribution system.

Duties / Skills

The following skills and duties are associated with this position:
  • General mechanical maintenance ability and proper use of common tools.
  • Knowledge of rotating and reciprocating equipment (pumps and compressors) and the proper use of tools to perform equipment maintenance.
  • Knowledge of industrial electricity including three phase power, motors, lighting, and switchgear.
  • Ability to read and understand wiring diagrams and ladder logic in order to troubleshoot equipment electrical equipment and control systems.
  • Knowledge of distributed control systems, micro-controllers, and their components.
Licensing / Certification
  • A valid City of Pittsburgh Electricians License (or the ability to obtain one).
  • Valid Driver’s License Required
Work Experience
  • 1 to 3 years of relevant industrial or maintenance experience
Education Requirement
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
Work Environment / Physical Requirements

PACT is an industrial work environment. As such, PACT requires General Maintenance Mechanics to meet the following physical demands:
  • Ability to safely use a ladder
  • Lift up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to manipulate small hand tools
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • The work environment is hot and humid in the summer while cold in the winter.
  • The Operator is required to monitor the operation of equipment (boilers, pumps, turbines, etc.) by visually checking and making necessary equipment adjustments to achieve operating goals.
  • The equipment is located on several levels throughout the six story plant and must be reached by walking up or down sets of steps.
  • Water samples (as many as six quarts) are collected throughout the plant every two hours and carried back to the water testing area.
  • Operators must also open and close valves as needed. Tools are needed to assist in this work and some valves must be reached via ladders and platforms or by standing on piping that runs through the plant.
  • Operators also perform limited maintenance in the plant. They bend over to work on small pumps, repair valves in place, etc.
  • Operators assist in the boiler inspection process, which requires them to work in confined work spaces and to crawl on and around the units.
  • General cleaning and painting of the equipment and plant interior is also required.
  • Operators receive materials that are delivered to the plant. This can be small UPS packages, 55 gallon drums of chemicals, or materials that require a fork truck and hoist and some amount of man handling.
  • Some of the above duties require the Operators to perform them out in the weather.
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